DGA Flashback Friday – Inner Chains

By in Disc Golf News on December 6, 2013

DGA Flashback Friday – Inner Chains

DGA Flashback Friday – Inner Chains Patent

This Flashback Friday’s retro picture is of the DGA inner chains invention.

DGA released this design to meet the need for increased stopping power for small heavier discs. This DGA patented invention first made an appearance on disc golf courses in the mid 1980′s. Prior to this inner chain invention disc golf baskets only had one set of outer chains.

A single set of outer chains worked great for Frisbees and Ultrastars, but it was clear to Ed that disc golf was evolving away from large, lightweight Frisbees to smaller and heavier discs.

The use of additional inner chains allowed people to not only play with the larger light weight discs but also provided a means for deflecting and absorbing the additional energy for the new small high velocity disc golf specific discs. Today the same design has stood the test of time and can be found on almost every permanent basket made.

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