DGA Flashback Friday – DGA Sliding Links

By in Disc Golf News on December 13, 2013

DGA Flashback Friday – DGA Sliding Links


This Flashback Friday features another DGA disc golf basket invention now common place in disc golf.

This picture is out of the DGA Sliding Link patent which introduced the concept of a chain holder with chain connection points that allow the chain to slide up the connection point with the impact of a disc on the chain and then drop back to its resting point.

The main goal of the sliding link invention was catch light discs and lightly thrown putts, the opposite issue addressed by last weeks DGA Flashback Friday Inner Chains invention.

At the time when the DGA released the Sliding Link invention, lighter discs in recreational 150 gram class weights were becoming popular. Lighter discs were deflected by heavy outer chains especially when thrown at the top of the chain strand. The higher up the chain strand the disc hits the more resistance the chain has because each link holds more of the chain. The top links of chain act like a wall to an incoming light weight or softly thrown disc.

Introduction of an angled up sliding plain on the chain holder allows the chain to more easily absorb a discs energy when the chain slides up the plain inwards. Instead of being deflected, lighter discs and light putts hitting the chain, especially towards the top of the chain strands, are more likely to land in the basket with the sliding link helping to absorb and guide the discs into the center of the target.

The new Mach X disc golf basket incorporates a new sliding link design feature called M-Links. The M-Link design uses the sliding link design updated at slight sideways angles. This new design on the Mach X helps create added energy absorption for discs entering at either the far left or far right side of the baskets target zone, making shots at these spots more likely to drop in to the basket.

See the DGA Mach X – M Link video featurette here.

See DGA’s original Mach V patent with the original Sliding Link invention here.

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