DGA FLASHBACK FRIDAY – The Fist Disc Golf Basket

By in Disc Golf News on December 20, 2013

DGA FLASHBACK FRIDAY – The Fist Disc Golf Basket

DGA FLASHBACK FRIDAY – The Fist Disc Golf Basket

First Disc Golf Basket Patent – DGA Mach 1

This Flashback Friday features not only the first DGA Disc Golf Basket but the very first Disc Golf Basket.
The retro picture below is from the 1976 patent that launched DGA’s birth and introduction of the formalized sport of Disc Golf to the world.

The basket or chain is something so common to disc golfers today that it’s hard to believe how revolutionary Ed Headrick was when he first came out with his design. Before this design discs were thrown at trees, trash cans, light posts or if you were lucky a route laid out by Ed with some real posts in the ground. Arguments over whether someone actually hit a post (or what ever the hole was), would happen all the time.

Ed realized that if he was going to formalize his game “Disc Golf” and transform it into a sport there had to be a better way to count a hole. So, Ed invented the Disc Pole Hole …”When a flying disc is thrown in the direction of the post, so as to strike the energy absorption structure, the energy absorption structure acts as a cushion for the disc thereby arresting its forward motion, and causes the disc to drop into the basket… By use of the device of the present invention, any disc properly thrown against the post is caught, and all prior ambiguities are obviated.”

Disc Golf and the disc golf basket has come a long way since this first DGA basket invention. Baskets now have more chain, deeper trays, etc, however, it is pretty amazing that every basket out on a disc golf course today is not that different from Ed’s original DGA basket design 37+ years ago.

You can see how far disc golf baskets have come by checking out the very latest Basket technology in the DGA Mach X. In the DGA Mach X Disc Golf Basket you can also see all of Ed’s original visions and DGA basket inventions as well.

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