Tee Off And Fly Freely

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Tee Off And Fly Freely

Ed Headrick gazing at a M-14 disc golf basket prototype with his dogs Whip and Wendell

“Steady” Ed Headrick (PDGA #001) was affectionately referred to as the Father of Disc Sports, and more specifically the Father of Disc Golf  for his role in the creation of the  sport we all know and love.  He tirelessly traveled the United States and other parts of the world spreading the joy of the flying disc and planting the seeds of disc golf everywhere he went. With the ever growing popularity of the sport, it’s safe to say that Ed’s early work helped lay the foundation for disc golf’s current success.

Ed and his friends used to joke that they were part of their own religion, often referring to themselves as Frisbyterians. Part of their “religion” was the belief that after death, they wouldn’t go to purgatory, because their souls would land on top of a roof. As “Steady” Ed started to sense his own mortality, he began crafting a plan for his afterlife.

Ed always wanted feel what it was like to fly like the very discs he helped create, and being the innovator and entrepreneur that he was, he came up with a brilliant idea. He decided that when he passed, he would be cremated instead of buried. The ashes remaining from the cremation would be molded into a special run of flying discs.

On August 12, 2002 Ed Headrick passed away, beginning the final phase of his master plan. Ed’s widow, Farina Headrick, along with DGA and in cooperation with Discraft began the process of molding Ed’s ashes into the special discs the late “Steady” Ed had requested.  Farina and one of Ed’s son’s, Gary Headrick, flew out to the Discraft facility in Michigan to oversee the production.  At the end of the emotional process, Ed’s last wishes had been granted.

Tee Off And Fly Freely

“Steady” Ed Headrick Limited Last Flight Memorial Disc Golf Diver and Putter Set

Limited edition X XL and X APX golf discs and the Discraft Ultrastar were used to mold Ed’s ashes into flying discs with the goal of producing as many discs his ashes could supply. He wanted as many fans of the flying disc as possible to help him fulfill his dream of flying as one.  A memorial fund was established to ensure that all proceeds from the sales of these limited edition discs would go towards carrying out the name and legacy of “Steady” Ed Headrick.

Since its creation, the “Steady” Ed Memorial Fund has raised enough money to help establish the “Steady” Ed Headrick Memorial Disc Golf Museum, which is housed at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA.  A bronze bust has been created in his likeness that welcomes each visitor to the museum with his smiling face.  Farina Headrick and the Disc Golf Association continue to pursue fun and creative ways of keeping Ed’s legacy in the minds of his disciples.

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs are still available. This a great opportunity to support the history of our sport, while owning a truly unique and collectible piece of flying disc history.  The “Steady” Ed Memorial Discs can be purchased from DGA’s website, the PDGA Store, or at the International Disc Golf Center pro shop.

Tee Off And Fly Freely

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