The Maple Hill Open Featuring DGA Mach X Disc Golf Baskets

By in Disc Golf News on February 13, 2014

The Maple Hill Open Featuring DGA Mach X Disc Golf Baskets

We at Maple Hill, a top 10 course in the world, continually strive to improve our course and amenities and we are very excited to improve one of the best courses in the world by upgrading our baskets to the Mach X.

Thank you for taking the next step in the evolution of the disc golf basket. With the creation of the Mach X, the disc golf basket has been significantly improved over our current Chainstars and we decided that we had to make the jump to the best catching baskets on the market. For us, the primary advantages of the Mach X are:

  • More chains and better catching than our current baskets
  • Angled chains to prevent cut-throughs
  • A deeper basket to prevent bounce outs
  • More spokes on the basket so discs cannot wedge in the side of the basket

It is critical that Maple Hill, home of one of the most-watched events in disc golf, have the best baskets available. Additionally, these baskets will be seen by the thousands of players all across the country that come to play the course as well as the tens of thousands that tune in to watch The Maple Hill Open on the live broadcast. We are proud to be one of the first courses to have these in the ground.

Thank you for everything you do for the sport,


Steven Dodge, Tom Southwick, and Dave Jackson
Maple Hill Disc Golf


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