DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 1

By in Disc Golf News on September 21, 2014

DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 1

Win a Tracer Cap & SP Torrent!

Todays question:

We’ve all thought about it. Whether it’s driving down a highway looking at prime land out the side of the car, or when you arrive at a place you frequent often that doesn’t have a course.

If you had one place you wanted a new course planted, where would it be and why? Head on over the DGCR Forums to post your answer and for your chance to win!

Sunday Sept. 21 through Thursday Sept. 25, DGCR will be giving away a piece of DGA gear and one of DGA’s discs to a lucky winner! How will it work? There will be a question about getting a disc golf courses in the ground each day on the forum. The best answer wins the prize for that day.

DGCR will be posting the day’s prize and question with a link to the forum thread on the DGCR Facebook Page and on the DGCR instagram page.

It’ll be a fun way to brainstorm ideas for growing our sport with the bonus of possibly winning something new to wear and throw on the course!

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