DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 2

By in Disc Golf News on September 22, 2014

DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 2

Win a Upside Tee and a Proline Breaker!

Todays question:

Finding an adequate location for a new course is not always the hardest part of the process of course development.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle in getting a new course installed and how would you (or have you) overcome it? Head on over the DGCR Forums to post your answer and for your chance to win!

Day 1 Winner of the Tracer Cap & SP Torrent was Mr. Butlertron with his post about getting a course in to grow the sport in Japan.

Much like another gentlemen has said (AndyJB), I too have spent a fair amount of time pairing overseas locations with disc golfing. I’ve lived on or near military instillations in Asia/Europe and finding courses is always a daunting task, especially in Asia. Disc golf courses on military bases overseas are a great recreational way to bring Americans together, as well as improve relationships with the local nationals.

There’s currently not a whole lot of American/Military involvement within the disc golf scene here, so I decided to change that. I’ve created a local base club to teach beginners the fundamentals with hopes of also attracting some more experienced players. There are plenty of open fields learn the craft, the only thing missing is a course. My wife and I have created a safari course that we’ve been using for the last few months that would look pretty snazzy with a few baskets.

Sunday Sept. 21 through Thursday Sept. 25, DGCR will be giving away a piece of DGA gear and one of DGA’s discs to a lucky winner! How will it work? There will be a question about getting a disc golf courses in the ground each day on the forum. The best answer wins the prize for that day.

DGCR will be posting the day’s prize and question with a link to the forum thread on the DGCR Facebook Page and on the DGCR instagram page.

It’ll be a fun way to brainstorm ideas for growing our sport with the bonus of possibly winning something new to wear and throw on the course!

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