DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 3

By in Disc Golf News on September 23, 2014

DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 3

Win an Old Glory Cap and an SP Squall!

Todays question:

Much like anything in life, amassing the best resources when developing a project will help insure the best outcome.

What do you see being the most important resources needed when getting a course installed? (i.e. qualified course design assistance, funding, equipment, labor, etc.)
Head on over the DGCR Forums to post your answer and for your chance to win!

Day 2 Winner of the Upside Tee and a Proline Breaker was Wood Chuk with his his detailed account of getting a course put into the ground.

Every course will have different obstacles depending on where the course is located, who it is intended to serve, and what level of play is going to be supported. The key to getting a course put into place is identifying these obstacles and overcoming them. Our club wanted to put a course up in a neighboring city where many club members lived. The big obstacle we faced was inertia: the city parks department did not want the new problem.

So we began by asking the city if we could have a weekly league in what we felt was the best venue. This required setting up and taking down courses each and every time we played. The league made disc golf a use in the park, so after demonstrating success with league, we asked permission to hold a tournament and set up a temporary course that would remain up longer than one day. The city asked for maps, safety analysis, liability insurance, and permits. We jumped through all the hoops and developed a tone pole target and tee sign system that was low enough cost that we felt comfortable leaving it out in the park. We held a tournament and gave free player packs to city officials as our invited guests. All invited guests showed up and were placed on selected cards. At that point disc golf pretty much sold itself. The temporary course has been up for two months and has turned an unused area in the park to the most used area in the park. Last week we received the word that the city is talking to professional course designers and wishes for us to participate in these talks.

It took time and effort to build a league without a course. The first league meeting was three of us moving two practice baskets around the park and throwing at them. Setting up and taking down a course every time we wanted to play was a pain. Mapping hole locations, communicating with city officials, jumping through hoops, and providing analysis is not as much fun as just showing up and playing disc golf. Over time we grew in numbers and developed momentum. There were times when it seemed things were going to fall apart, but because we were a club we were able to handle issues as a team. I do not think we would have been successful without the larger club behind us. The larger, active club behind us helped provide the push to overcome the initial unwillingness of the city with positive actions and communication. Inertia is now in our favor and we are on the verge of a new course.

Sunday Sept. 21 through Thursday Sept. 25, DGCR will be giving away a piece of DGA gear and one of DGA’s discs to a lucky winner! How will it work? There will be a question about getting a disc golf courses in the ground each day on the forum. The best answer wins the prize for that day.

DGCR will be posting the day’s prize and question with a link to the forum thread on the DGCR Facebook Page and on the DGCR instagram page.

It’ll be a fun way to brainstorm ideas for growing our sport with the bonus of possibly winning something new to wear and throw on the course!

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