DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 4

By in Disc Golf News on September 24, 2014

DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 4

Win an Hardball Tee and a SP Breaker!

Todays question:
Raising funds can be a major hurdle in getting a course in the ground.

What are some creative ways you’ve seen or used for fund raising that may be of use to individuals or disc golf clubs working on a new course?

Head on over the DGCR Forums to post your answer and for your chance to win!

Day 3 Winner of the Old Glory Cap and a SP Squall was AndyJB who stressed the importance of the disc golf community as the most important resource needed when getting a course installed.

Hands down, the most important aspect is having a legion if volunteers willing and able to provide skilled labor and speak intelligently on the work they will be doing to get the course in. The more people willing to help, the more the community will get behind the proposed course. The community and the local administration will not get behind two or three people’s pipe dream. They will, however, support 20 to 30 people who are willing to provide the labor.

This is one of the many aspects that makes disc golf unique, and Is also perfect to use as as and selling point to local boards. As a fairly tight knit community, disc golfers are willing to go the extra mile in order to have a place to play. In very few other recreational activities will one find a large group willing to donate countless man hours to install and maintain a course. Courses, even small pitch and putts, take up large swaths of land and, to often, local Parks Departments are stretched too thin to maintain such an endeavor, much less Install it. By having people, both skilled and unskilled, willing to do all this work for free, it becomes hard for a local board to say no.

Skilled laborers that one should seek out when installing a new course:

  • Two or three masons (for tee pads)
  • One or two individuals who have experience with surveying and zoning
  • One person who was worked In the field of environmental conservation
  • Someone who has worked with the local forest service, fish wildlife and parks, or parks department
  • A graphic designer
  • A few people who have worked with organized sports and can speak intelligently on how disc golf can benefit the community in regards to sports
  • Someone who is well – versed in the history of disc golf, the PDGA and who can also break it down to laypeople who have meter been exposed to disc golf

Are these essential? Absolutley not. But having these folks in your hip pocket, your toolbox if you will, can almost guarantee backing from the Parks Department.

Having meetings with the volunteers regularly to pass out updates and to come up with a game plan on your pitch is essential to a smooth meeting with various boards.


I really, really, really want that hat.

Sunday Sept. 21 through Thursday Sept. 25, DGCR will be giving away a piece of DGA gear and one of DGA’s discs to a lucky winner! How will it work? There will be a question about getting a disc golf courses in the ground each day on the forum. The best answer wins the prize for that day.

DGCR will be posting the day’s prize and question with a link to the forum thread on the DGCR Facebook Page and on the DGCR instagram page.

It’ll be a fun way to brainstorm ideas for growing our sport with the bonus of possibly winning something new to wear and throw on the course!

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