DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 5

By in Disc Golf News on September 25, 2014

DGA Disc and Apparel Giveaway – Day 5

Win a Tsunami Tee & ProLine Torrent

Todays question:
DGA is the leading manufacturer of disc golf baskets and has been making discs and gear for almost 40 years.

What resources or product(s) would you like to see DGA come out with in the future?

Head on over the DGCR Forums to post your answer and for your chance to win!

Day 4 Winner of the Hardball Tee and a SP Line Breaker was sisyphus with his cool idea engraved paver stones! You can read the whole thread here and keep the discussion going.

Here is sisyphus’s answer to yesterdays questions.
“Raising funds can be a major hurdle in getting a course in the ground.
What are some creative ways you’ve seen or used for fund raising that may be of use to individuals or disc golf clubs working on a new course?”

Haven’t actually seen it done yet, but when a new course was installed recently by a friend (Cedar Sentinels; GMcAtee) using interlocking paver stone tees boxed by a wooden frame, it occurred to me that there were multiple potential benefits to this type of tee. First, there might be as many as 5 wide x 10 long x 18 holes = 900 stones (sponsorship opportunities).

But the most obvious, is that you could sell sponsorships engraved in the paver stones themselves. The donor cost would be for the stone, the engraving, and just a few bucks toward the other amenities on the course. They would receive a pretty permanent recognition and a reason to go visit ‘their’ hole.

Depending on the engraving, the tees might turn out to have improved traction. They are already ‘moveable’, if a better line or alternative evolves with the course, because this type of tee can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. Even hole numbers, par, and distance can be engraved. And stones might be reversible to engrave the reverse side if things change drastically…

…or if you want to sell the sponsorships for a specified duration.

Sunday Sept. 21 through Thursday Sept. 25, DGCR will be giving away a piece of DGA gear and one of DGA’s discs to a lucky winner! How will it work? There will be a question about getting a disc golf courses in the ground each day on the forum. The best answer wins the prize for that day.

DGCR will be posting the day’s prize and question with a link to the forum thread on the DGCR Facebook Page and on the DGCR instagram page.

It’ll be a fun way to brainstorm ideas for growing our sport with the bonus of possibly winning something new to wear and throw on the course!

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