The DGA Steady Putt and Approach Disc is PDGA Approved

By in Disc Golf News on February 10, 2015

The DGA Steady Putt and Approach Disc is PDGA Approved

“Steady” your short game with DGA’s new putter.

DGA pays homage to our sport and company’s founder Ed Headrick with the release of the Steady putter. Headrick, affectionately known as “Steady” Ed to his disc golf family, got his nickname due to his steady hand and putting prowess on the disc golf course. This new putter will help you channel your inner “Steady” and bring added confidence to your game.

At low speeds this putter will have a consistent hyzer finish. With increased speed it will demonstrate a reliable and straight flight path. The Steady will be initially released in a tacky blend of DGA’s D-Line plastic that will have players praising the way it grips their fingers. This beaded putter feels great in the hand and looks equally great resting in the basket on a consistent basis. Give the Steady a try and you’re sure to be as excited as we are with the results. We wouldn’t put “Steady” Ed’s name on just any putter.

Available Soon!

The Steady disc by DGA was PDGA Approved as of 2-6-2015.

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