DGPtv Engages New Strategy for Growth

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For years, many have been touting the impressive growth of disc golf. Regardless of the measure, courses, PDGA membership, purse size, our great sport has enjoyed impressive 12-17% growth that has lead to many folks actually being aware of disc golf.

This organic surge in participation and organization has been some five decades in the making, as the number of courses has grown substantially, and disc golf’s presence in communities has been embraced more widely.

DGPtv Engages New Strategy for Growth
Slacklining is just one of the exciting new emerging sports that we will be producing for television, in addition to our continuing disc golf coverage.

Most recently, DGPtv, in cooperation with the PDGA, has been producing disc golf competitions for television broadcasting. Our national and global distribution has helped our sport gain attention to an audience who might not necessarily cross paths with disc golf, but who might otherwise be intrigued by seeing our top men and women compete at the highest levels at the most prestigious events on the most scenic courses.

Now Terra Firma Media Group, the parent company of DiscGolfPlanet.tv, is engaging a new approach to help continue the burgeoning growth of disc golf. Having been involved in disc golf for the last 30 years, it has become obvious to us that there are quite a number of sports that are in a similar phase of their evolution…great events run on impressive properties with world-class competitors. With a thorough review of these sports, TFMG has decided to aggregate these maturing sports competitions into an entirely new category of television sports broadcasting we call Emerging Sports TV.

“Being around disc golf for so many years, we’ve noticed that are a ton of other ‘disc golf-like’ sports that had incredible events, world-class athletes and beautiful venues,” explained Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Principal of Terra Firma Media Group. “After a year of research, and a great deal of networking, we were able to gain permission to cover an incredible variety of sporting events that we know are exciting and well-run. We believe getting these first dozen or so sports under the Emerging Sports TV banner and harnessing the combined marketing power and spirit of these sports is going to be a key factor towards taking all these sports over the top,” Duesler concluded.

Emerging Sports TV will include disc golf, of course, as well as Olympic sports like curling and BMX cycling, the renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, as well as newer competitions like slacklining and collegiate roller hockey. Our complete television broadcast schedule will include 12 one-hour TV episodes that typically cover two emerging sports per episode. DiscGolfPlanet.tv will continue to serve as the livestreaming arm of TFMG, and we are planning to cover as many as four championship events this season. We are finalizing both our TV and livestream schedule at this writing.

The rationale behind aggregating these up-and-coming sports is based on the idea that each one of the sports we cover share the same passion, the same dedication, and the same goals of becoming more widely known to the world. Most of the events we cover are national and world championship events that are extremely well-run, yet have not been able to unlock the media potential that each one so rightly deserves. Our work for the last two seasons with disc golf and the Beach Sports Network has helped us to unlock what many consider the Holy Grail of their sport “making it:” Getting on Television.

Emerging Sports TV will be distributed on 15-25 regional sports networks with some 50-90 million household subscribers. Terra Firma Media Group is still working with affiliates around the national and the world to gain distribution rights from them, so the final TV affiliate count is still in flux. Regardless, we are convinced that by aggregating a dozen or so of these emerging sports into one new broadcast category, each of of the sports will be in position to continue and even accelerate their growth. Moreover, by joining their forces, these sports will be in a more powerful position to realize their full potential that they all dream of…finding outside businesses and brands to sponsor their events and their athletes.

For more information, visit the Emerging Sports TV Web site, or contact Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr. via Email.

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