ZipChip – a mini that flys throwing sidearm

By in Discs, Mini on June 18, 2015

I was perusing facebook and came across this kick started campaign: for a product called the ZipChip by ZipChip Sports and they are saying that this is “The New Way to Play”… catch.

Basically it’s a mini that you throw it forehand, but it flys consistently. They say it an cruise up to 200 feet. This looks like something fun to have around for playing catch in the park, or maybe buy a bunch and instead of a mini war, have a ZipChip war after a tournament.

Check out their video, it looks fun:

What do you think of this new product? Are you backing this KickStarter Project? ( I purchased a 3 pack.

Here are their key selling points:
DISTANCE: ZipChip to fly over 200 ft.
POCKET-SIZE: The ZipChip is ultra portable.
STABLE FLIGHT: This is what makes throwing and catching possible.
FLOATING: The ZipChip is buoyant and ready to be played with at the beach or pool.
SOFT and FLEXIBLE: The elastomer material is even recyclable.
MANUFACTURED in CONNECTICUT: Conception through construction the ZipChip is a local endeavor.

I am looking forward to trying this out.

Share your thoughts with us. Or back their KickStarter Campaign:

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