DGA & Fly By Disc Golf at it Again for 2018

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DGA | Disc Golf Association
DGA | Disc Golf Association – The Founding Company of Disc Golf!

DGA and Fly By Disc Golf are back again for 2018 to help create a unique series of disc golf experiences, all while helping to raise money for charities and push the sport forward.  Fly By Disc Golf is based out of New Hampshire and will be hosting “pop-up” style disc golf events throughout the northeast all summer long.  On the simplest level, Fly By Disc Golf is bringing the sport back to the communities that helped grow it originally; the land use groups, the outdoor activists, the families and of course, the friends. They also believe that keeping the sport affordable and accessible to the masses doesn’t mean we need to skimp on products and amenities, which is where DGA comes into play.  Fly By Disc Golf will again be featuring Mach V baskets at each of their premier events, as well as offering DGA discs and gear on site for demo and purchase! 

So what exactly does Fly By Disc Golf do at these events? Here is a list of what to expect at their events:

  • 18 Incredible Holes
  • A Great Mix Of Technical And Open Holes
  • Member Only Events Friday
  • Course Open to the Public Saturday
  • Tournament Hosted on Sunday
  • Huge Practice Area With Multiple Baskets
  • Putting Competition
  • Full DGA Line of Discs Available for Use
  • Prizes and Giveaways
  • Disc Golf Instruction
  • Free New Player Loaner Equipment


Fly By Disc Golf will be setting up temporary world-class courses on stunning properties utilizing experienced disc golf course designers. The first “pop-up” Fly By Disc Golf event for this year will be held on May 18th – 20th at DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, HH.  This property should make for an amazing tempory setup, and the perfect venue for anyone to experience their first disc golf event.

We tend to agree with Fly By Disc Golf that both of our company’s missions align in helping to try and push the sport forward with continuous grassroots growth.  That growth does not come easy though, and it is companies like Fly By Disc Golf that make real impacts through their actions and objectives. Be sure to follow along on their journey, and if you are able, attend one of these spectacular events!

Check out more about DeMeritt Hill Farm here.  Keep up to date on everything Fly By Disc Golf is doing through their Facebook page and website.

DGA & Fly By Disc Golf at it Again for 2018
DGA & Fly By Disc Golf at it Again for 2018
DGA & Fly By Disc Golf at it Again for 2018

DGA & Fly By Disc Golf at it Again for 2018

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