We all love the flying disc. And while many of us have a preference towards disc golf, that does not mean that we put the blinders on towards other disc sports. Whether its just playing catch or hustling around the Ultimate pitch, if it involves a flying disc, we usually support it.

That is why we are sharing the amazing news about the Manila Spirits exhibition series on Wednesday, November 11 and Thursday, November 12 where Ultimate Frisbee will be featured on this South Pacific nation. The event will be livestreamed, and we at DiscGolfPlanet.tv are pleased to share the coverage here on our broadcasts portal.

Even more appealing is the work our Ultimate sisters and brothers are doing for cancer awareness! Through the ERIC (Early Recognition is Critical) charitable organization, Ultimate players are raising awareness to the importance of cancer screenings, as well as the recent developments towards effective therapies for treating, and even curing, cancer. Our corporate parent company, EmergingSports.tv is partnering with ERIC to spread the good news about their work. Check back to this space for more information in the near future.


USA vs. Philippines (Wednesday, November 11th starting at 8p EST)

USA vs. Japan (Friday, November 13th starting at 8p EST)

With the International Olympic Committee endorsing “Disc Sports” has a bona fide sporting category worthy of Olympic consideration, cooperation and support across all the flying disc activities is more crucial now than ever! So enjoy the coverage from Manila, as our favorite piece of sporting equipment continues its flight around the globe.

Disc golf well represented in Athlete of the Year, Sport of the Year, and Event of the Year categories.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 2, 2015): Today, Emerging Sports TV announces the nominees fro the inaugural broadcast awards. Drawing from the events, sports, and athletes featured this season on Emerging Sports TV, nominees for Athlete of the Year, Sports of the year, Event of the Year, and Broadcast Moment of the Year have been named.

“We had the privilege to produce television programming from some of the sports’ most iconic events, as well as its best kept secrets,” explained Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Principal at Emerging Sports TV. “Our primary object during this, our first year of broadcasting, was to celebrate the amazing athlete, events, and sports that, together, make up this new category of sports broadcasting.”

Throughout Emerging Sports TV’s eight, one-hour episodes in 2015, sports as arcane as snow shoe racing, disc golf, and slacklining were bundled together with the well known Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and USA Curling Nationals to create programming from a wide array of sports.

“For years, some of the most dramatic moments in sport have been relegated to competitors’ memories and, more recently YouTube videos,” Duesler said. “But many of these national and world championship events have gained enough of a following and developed into well-run competitions, that they are now worthy of television broadcasting. All of the sports have dreamed of someday being on television, and we, at Emerging Sports TV, believe the time has come for that to happen.”

With a rich list of accomplishments to choose from, the Emerging Sports TV principal has announced the award finalists in the following categories…

EMERGING SPORTS TV EVENT OF THE YEAR: Disc Golf Leads Nominees for Season-ending Broadcast Awards

  • Slacklining at the GoPro Games (Vail, Colorado)
  • Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational (Seaside, California)
  • La Ruta Adventure Race (Costa Rica)
  • National Collegiate Roller Hockey National Championships (Independence, Missouri)


  • Michael Maczynski, Goalie for the 2015 Collegiate Roller Hockey National Champion Neumann University
  • Erika Brown, skip of the 2015 USA Curling National Women’s Open Champions
  • Paul McBeth, 4x Professional Disc Golf Association World Champion and No. 1 Ranked Player
  • Gordon Wadsworth, 2015NUE Series Winner and La Ruta Adventure Race Single Gear Champion
  • Felix Carierra, Slackline Industries No. 1 Ranked Slackliner and Multiple Event Champion in 2015

Disc Golf Leads Nominees for Season-ending Broadcast AwardsEMERGING SPORTST TV BROADCAST MOMENT OF THE YEAR:

  • John Shuster skips his rink to the 2015 USA Curling national championships after not being selected for the Olympic High Performance curling teams.
  • Rhys Millen wins the Pikes Peak overall championship, becoming the first to do it in an electric vehicle.
  • Scott Gall wins the 2015 US Snow Shoe National Championship after 10 tries and dedicates his win to his snowshoe mentor and friend who was killed in combat in Afghanistan.
  • Neumann University reclaims US Collegiate Roller Hockey National Championship from Lindenwood University, who won it beating Neumann the year before.


  • SlackliningDisc Golf Leads Nominees for Season-ending Broadcast Awards
  • Disc Golf
  • Motor Sports Hill Climbing
  • Endurance Cycling

The Emerging Sports TV Award winner will be revealed during the season-ending episode, which is currently being aired on 23 regional cable sports affiliates around the nation and internationally. Combined, these affiliates reach 88.5 million subscriber households. Awardees will also be posted on the Emerging Sports TV web site on Monday, November 16, 2015.

Emerging Sports TV is a global media outlet for national and world championship sporting events that have developed enough to be broadcast-worthy. The sports are drawn primarily from four categories: outdoor sports; water sports; winter sports; and motor sports. Emerging Sports TV is distributed to 23+ regional sports cable television affiliates, which comprise 88.5 million household subscribers. The show is also distributed on its digital platform on http://emergingsports.tv, as well as a number of social media outlets. For more information about including your sport in our series, becoming an advertiser, or elevating your brand as one of our broadcast partners, contact Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Principal at 215-913-0569 or jgd@emergingsports.tv.

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Support DGPtv’s Pro World’s Broadcast: Our Entire Sponsorship Menu2.  BRANDED FEATURE during our Livestream and TV show:  This provides your brand with a named feature during live and TV broadcast.  Options might include the Launch of the Day (best shot), Lead Card Cam (our A-camera that follows the lead card each day), or the Trivia Question (where we engage viewers to tweet their responses using the #LegacyDiscs hashtag).

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If you have any questions about these opportunities, feel free to contact John Duesler, Principal at DiscGolfPlanetTV at jgd@discgolfplanet.tv or on the phone at 215-913-0569.  I look forward to joining with you to grow our great game!

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DGPtv Launches “Chart Your Course” Micro-Sponsor Program for Pro WorldsThis micro-sponsorship opportunity is a new way to help support our Livestreaming work, all while also promoting your great home course! It is a model that we believe can be a win-win for the entire disc golf community, without asking too much. We hope you will be able to donate your $5 to help bring your home course some recognition, as well as supporting our work at Disc Golf Planet TV.

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After ten years of covering the PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships, Disc Golf Planet TV will continue to unleash the power of e-commerce during our 6 days of livestreaming, branded content, interactive marketing, and disc golf industry programming. We invite you to consider promoting your business via our multiple media products, and unlock the power of your brand, your products, or your event.

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