This last week I got my hands on a Vibram Lace. I actually got a to try out the 167g and a 170g. I ordered my discs from Gotta Go Gotta Throw via Amazon and was very pleased that the plastic smelled new and it was not used. I was able to put in 54 holes in with the 167g disc and I threw it both forehand and backhand. I found that throwing the Vibram Lace forehand or side arm was more consistent. When throwing forehand, and throwing below 50 MPH, the flight path went very straight, then curved left and floated right, ending up in front of me at very good distances. When applying the correct speed of 50 MPH, the disc went very straight and curved to the right. When I threw the disc backhand, I found that the disc would turn sharper than it would throwing forehand. I am not sure that this is because I was throwing the disc faster backhand than forehand or if this is how it reacts when throwing backhand, but this was very consistent. The center of the disc is very soft so when landing at a 20 degree angle or more, the disc flopped and landed flat. When the disc landed at a degree less than 20 degrees, the disc had a tendency to roll. The disc is not super solid, so I would not use it as a roller intentionally.

Results from our Vibram Lace Review

After 54 holes, Let’s Disc Golf would recommend adding a Vibram Lace disc to your bag as it has been a real treat to play our latest games with. (Pictures to come soon).

Disc Info:

  • X-Link Lace
  • Fade: 8
  • Turn 7
  • Speed: 50

You can find out more information at the following links: