Steady” Ed Headrick, the father of disc golf and inventor of the the first disc golf baskets, poses for a disc golf hall of fame photo next to a custom gold plated DGA Mach 3 Basket.

As of January 1, 2020, DGA will no longer be producing the Mach 3 Permanent Disc Golf Basket.This decision was not easy to make, but it’s the right call for DGA as we continue to grow the game that “Steady” Ed started in 1976.

The Mach 3 was patented in December of 1988 and went to market shortly thereafter. It quickly became more than just a basket, its iconic number plate and chain configuration made it a symbol of the game of disc golf and a hot commodity among course designers. That was over 30 years ago, and today there have been more Mach 3s installed on courses than any other basket on the market. We’re very proud of that, and know that Ed would be even prouder.

The basket technology we have today incorporates the things we have learned from previous baskets like the Mach 3, and so in a way, the Mach 3 will live on through the Mach 5, Mach 7, Mach X, and anything we do from here on out (and speaking of the future, DGA will be making several other exciting changes this year. Stay tuned!)

In 2020 we will discontinue the Mach 3 from our line, but this isn’t because we’re moving away from Ed’s legacy; in fact, we’re embracing it. It was Ed that taught us to constantly test and innovate, to never stop improving this game that he loved so much. So here’s to better baskets, and more fun.

Scott Keasey,General Manager, DGA

P.S. We know you’ll miss the number plates that came standard on the Mach 3, but did you know you can install number plates on any of our baskets? For a limited time, when you buy a course of 9 holes or more, we’ll include number plates for free.

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