Shasta is a walking encyclopedia of disc golf knowledge and has a deep insiders perspective on DGA’s lineup of discs. Check out his latest In the Bed In the Bag video and find out which discs to throw where, when, why, and how! You can even pick some up below and give em a try.

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DGA Re-Play: Course Giveaway

Win a free course of Mach 7 Baskets!

  • Is your course in dire need of some freshening up?

  • Are you aware of an opportunity to continue the growth of our sport by planting a new course, but adequate funds are lacking?

As the company that has been helping to grow the sport of Disc Golf since day one, DGA is well aware of the problems facing disc golf communities and we are here to help. DGA is happy to announce the DGA Re-Play: Free Course Giveaway!

Here’s how it works:

RePlay Course Giveaway

1.) Fill out our survey

Tell us why your course is the right choice for a DGA Re-Play.

RePlay Course Giveaway

2.) Recycle your existing baskets

In the survey, tell us how you plan to plant a new course with your existing baskets.

RePlay Course Giveaway

3.) Win a free course of new Mach 7 Baskets

Submit your entry by September 1st, 2019 and we will announce the winner of a new course of our latest Mach 7 baskets during the week of September 9th!

DGA Re-Play: Survey Questions

DGA | Disc Golf Association

The 2019 DGA Summer Special is here! This is a great time to purchase a DGA disc golf course and get a free practice basket or nine free tee signs*

DGA Summer Course Special

An extra basket for your course provides a place where players can warm up while waiting for their group to start playing. Course owners often overlook an extra practice basket. This summer special provides a great opportunity to add value and player satisfaction to your course at no additional charge.

Tee signs provide important information for your course and serve as a map for new players to the course. DGA Basic Color Tee Signs are attractive, durable and provide areas for course branding, par, distance, hole sponsors, etc.  Take advantage of this opportunity to add some free tee signs to your course purchase.

take advantage of the DGA Summer Special!

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DGA | Disc Golf Association DGA | Disc Golf Association – The Founding Company of Disc Golf!

Add Controllable Distance to Your Game With the DGA Tempest

The DGA Tempest has been officially announced.

The Tempest is the latest addition to DGA’s distance driver arsenal. With excellent glide and control, players will achieve pinpoint accuracy on even the longest drives. Advanced players will experience predictable turn and glide with a more understable finish. Newer players will gain increased distance and longer drives not easily obtainable with most distance drivers.

Comparable flight numbers: Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 2

Available at all DGA retailers on Friday, September 14th. DGA Discs.

Simplify Your Game!

DGA Tempest Distance Driver Announced DGA

DGA | Disc Golf Association DGA | Disc Golf Association – The Founding Company of Disc Golf!

The DGA BANZAI is now approved, and just in time to be debuted this weekend at the St Patrick’s Classic CA Am State Championships! All players will be receiving this newly released Banzai in a Limited Edition Glow version in their player packs for this event.

“DGA is excited to announce the release of its new fairway driver, the Banzai. This new disc can best be described as the overstable counterpart to the DGA’s popular driver, the Pipeline. The names for both discs are derived from the iconic Hawaiian surf break, the Banzai Pipeline.

The Banzai has the glide and speed you want out of your next favorite fairway driver, with the added stability that will gain your trust when thrown with power. With predictable fade, the Banzai will quickly become your new trusted choice for fairway drives. Banzai!!!

Comparable flight numbers are: Speed 8, Glide 4, Turn, 0 Fade 3.

Be prepared to yell BANZAI after every drive!

The New DGA Banzai Fairway Driver featuring limited first flight custom artwork by Illustrator and Graphic artist John Dorn.

The DGA BANZAI is Now Approved DGA