There’s no mistaking Hannah Leatherman’s encouraging presence and smiling face—for a top female athlete, she’s easy going. But as the 2015 U.S. Women’s Champion, she’s also a fierce competitor. You might find similar qualities in her disc selection. She’ll effortlessly … Continued

Jennifer Allen throws far. Very far. But she’s got a specific strategy—and matching disc—for every shot, from tee to target. Here, Jenn takes you through her bag, sharing insight on everything—drivers, mid-ranges, putters, down to the snacks she carries. Dive … Continued

We sat down with the 2-time Finnish and one time European Disc Golf Champion, Team Discmania’s Leo Piironen at the 2017 Konopiste Open to see what the young Finnish phenom carries in his bag. For more information on Discmania and … Continued