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After realizing I would have a several-hour break from needing to help my extended family with preparations for the sale of another family member’s house this morning, I decided that I would head over to southwestern Wisconsin to check out a small cluster of four courses to the West of Wisconsin Dells that I had not yet been able to play and explore.

View from the Hole 3 tee at Narrows Creek DGC in Loganville, Wisconsin.

The first course on my To Play List today was Narrows Creek DGC in Loganville, Wisconsin. I could immediately tell that the course had recently been flooded, with several areas of standing water and lots of mud. Though apart from not finding the tee post and sign for Hole 9, the course was not hard to play or navigate.  Shot a -5 (22) over nine holes, which I felt pretty good about in the wind.  A better player could have deuced at least seven or eight of those holes!  But putting up an estimated round rating of 954 while playing on a partially torn right calf was plenty good in my book.

Trying to Course Collect without Hip Waders or a Canoe: Tonn’s Travels

View from the Hole 8 tee at Half-Moon Lagoon in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

After finishing up in Loganville, I made my way up to Reedsburg to check out what I thought was going to be two new courses.  But the first course, at Reedsburg Area High School, no longer exists.  I used every bit of available information I could locate on the internet for that former course, but after exploring on-site for at least 15-20 minutes, it became obvious that the old course no longer exists. Feeling a bit discouraged in knowing I would get one fewer course played than I had hoped on the day, I made my way to Half-Moon Lagoon DGC, which I had been looking forward to playing with all those tight wooded holes and water!  However, once I arrived at the course, I could see there was standing water on several of those holes.  I played all the holes that I safely could!  But on the holes that had baskets standing in a foot or two of stagnant water?  Well, let’s just say that I didn’t think losing discs and wrecking my shoes was worth it.

Trying to Course Collect without Hip Waders or a Canoe: Tonn’s Travels

View from the Hole 1 tee at Weston School District DGC in Cazenovia, Wisconsin.

I then headed over to Cazenovia, Wisconsin to check out the very long, 3,803-foot nine-hole Weston School District DGC. I always try taking pictures from every tee area when I know that Disc Golf Course Review is missing them, but in the middle of playing this course, my phone decided to die. Thank goodness I had another person traveling with me today, so we could use Google Maps on her smartphone to get me back to northeastern Iowa! But without a working phone, I am now a bit concerned about trying to get to a few more new courses before I eventually return home to Minnesota.  Managed a -5 (25) on that course.  Pretty darned good, considering its length and me feeling the stress of a malfunctioning smartphone hundreds of miles from home.

I made my way back to Monona, Iowa in time for dinner tonight.  Not sure if I will be able to play any more courses for a few days, but I am hoping to play as many as four more in southwestern Wisconsin before I head for home.

Magic Number = 506 (1,494 Courses Played)

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Trying to Course Collect without Hip Waders or a Canoe: Tonn’s Travels Derek Tonn