Heading over to South Dakota for an extended family get-together with my in-laws today, I found out that we would be within 12-13 miles of a very small, unique course in the community of Madison, South Dakota. So after asking my wife nicely if she minded having my discs come with us on our trip to visit her family, as well as asking my oldest daughter nicely if she would mind driving me over to…


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I put in 677 miles behind the wheel today, from Albuquerque, NM to Barstow, CA.  But not before crossing the final course off my Albuquerque bucket list: Brent Baca Memorial.

I have tried to play that course twice before.  The first time, I rumbled into Albuquerque a little too late in the day, and I knew I would not have enough daylight to play it.  And the second time, I spent twenty minutes trying to find it…with no luck.  But today, thanks to the help of UDisc, I finally got to find and play my final course in Albuquerque.

That course has some teeth!  Baskets perched precariously close to “cliffs.”  Lots of man-made obstacles to navigate.  The wind was howling this morning too, so I thought coming out of that (approximately) 7,000-foot 18-Hole course with a score of 56 was pretty darned solid.  One of my best rounds so far in 2018.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I had all but given up ever finding and playing that course, as it is not often I am in New Mexico.  So thanks again to UDisc for getting me there this morning.

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